CrossFit Las Vegas is a fun, motivating, community-baed environment that welcomes everyone regardless of their fitness level. Owned and operated by husband and wife coaches, Brendan and Allison Gilliam, CrossFit Las Vegas promotes an ego-free environment so that all members are comfortable as they take that fitness journey together. We work hard to get you looking better, feeling better, and performing better while having a ton of fun in a box filled with cool, down-to-earth athletes.

Premier Coaching

Our head coaches have been performing and coaching CrossFit full time since 2004 after being hired by the founder of CrossFit itself to coach at the first CrossFit gym in the world. They also spent years working for CrossFit HQ traveling the Country certifying other trainers to coach CrossFit.  This kind experience is almost impossible to find.  We believe the best service we can provide you is total consistency with premier coaching and programming.  Every coach we bring on board has the complete approval of the lead coaches who expect nothing but the absolute best for their members/athletes.


We put so many hours into the development of our training program that sometimes it feels like its the only thing we do.  Although that is hardly true, we certainly prioritize it to ensure everyone who trains with us regularly gets jaw dropping results.  We know that at the end of the day,  its getting everybody fitter than they have ever been in their life that will get and keep our gym operating at the highest level.


It is without a doubt that keeping our members healthy and injury free is the most important part of our job.  Although CrossFit is a high intensity training program, we know that intensity is relative.  What one person finds to be intense another finds to be dangerous.  We educate everyone who trains with us how to properly scale, modify and tone down workouts to their own personal level of intensity so they can safely push through their training sessions and always feel in complete control.

Our Staff

Head Coach/Owner
Head Coach/Owner