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Friday, September 2nd, 2016


Friday, September 2nd, 2016

Owning a gym can be super stressful at times.. But when we get to spend time with amazing people like all of you who make us laugh and smile, it makes it all worth it and super enjoyable.
Thank you for being such cool people.  You guys ALL rule!

Stop growing, EZ!!  ;D

3 Rounds:
Minutes 0-2  Run 200m… Then as Many Double Unders as Possible in Remaining Time
Minutes 2-3  Dumbbell Push Press  25/35lbs
Minutes 3-4  C2B Pull-Ups
Minutes 4-5  DB Hang Cleans  25/35lbs
Rest 3 Minutes

Make sure to pick your teams for the CrossFit Team Series!!! 

Here’s the link to the CrossFit Team Series Page

Teams are made up of 2 Men and Two Women.

Let’s get some friendly competition going on up in Here!! 

Post scores and TEAMs and Team Names to Comments …

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