Allison Gilliam

Allison Gilliam


Allison NYC
Head Coach/Owner

I’ve been involved with CrossFit and Olympic Weightlifting since early 2006.  I fell in love right away.  I took my first CrossFit classes at the original Black Box.. I’ll never forget the excitement and nervousness on my cab ride over.

I started at Lost Battalion Hall Weightlifting Club at the same time and have been working with my Coach, Joe Triolo, ever since.  He and Aimee Anaya Everett coached me when I competed at National in 2011 for USA Weightlifting.

It’s been a wild ride over the last ten years.  I’ve met some truly amazing people because of CrossFit.. including my husband who I first saw in a CrossFit demo video!  I thought he was so cute that I packed my life up in two suitcases and flew to California to make him my boyfriend!  We’ve been together since the 2008 CrossFit Games!

I’ve enjoyed every single person I’ve trained.  I truly love working with athletes, but my real passion is working with everyday people.  It’s an honor to be trusted with someone’s health and safety.  It’s so fun to be a part of the physical and emotional transition that happens when people really dive into CrossFit.

I’ve been blessed to be coached by and to work side by side some of the best, most respected coaches in our filed, like Greg and Lauren Glassman, Aimee Anaya Everette of Catalyst Athletics, and Peter Roselli, the High Performance Director of USAW.  I’ve learned more working with them over the years than I have at all the courses I’ve taken combined.  It’s experience that you just can’t buy.

I’ve participated in all of the CrossFit Specialty Courses and taught at some of the CrossFit Level One Courses back in the day.

Together, with my husband, Brendan, CrossFit Las Vegas is the fourth gym that we’ve owned and run.

I’ve taught over 13,000  CrossFit and Weightlifting Classes.

I’ve completed the following CrossFit Certifications:

  • CF Gymnastics
  • CF Kids ( x2 )
  • CF Running & Endurance ( x3 )
  • CF Olympic Weightlifting  ( x3 )
  • CF Coaches Prep Course
  • CF Strength with Mark Rippetoe
  • CF Football
  • CF Defense
  • CF Kettlebell ( x2 )

Other Seminars:

  • Steve Cotter KB Seminar
  • Workshop with Pavel, Alwyn Cosgrove& Chad Waterbury (This was my first workshop ever! 😀 )

Olympic Weightlifting Courses:

  • Catalyst Athletics – Level 2 Coach
  • Catalyst Athletics – Level 1
  • Level 1 Sports Performance Coach USA Weightlifting
  • Level 2 Advanced Sports Performance Coach (USAW)
  • Currently Assisting/Demo at the USAW Level 1 Seminars with Peter Roselli
  • Qualified and Competed at USAW Nationals in 2011

The most valuable things I’ve learned have been from the hands on experience I’ve had in the gym working closely with different kinds of people and some of the best teachers out there!

I feel so blessed to have had some really great coaches over the years and it’s a blessing to be able to pay it forward.  There is nothing more exciting and rewarding than watching people progress over time and seeing how training changes them in so many positive ways!

With all that said, I take pride in everyone having fun in my classes!  It has to be an enjoyable experience for everyone to get the most out of it!

I truly love what I do and can’t imagine doing anything else.

Train Hard, Have Fun!