Tristan Jih

Tristan Jih


Tristan Jih has been teaching Vinyasa yoga in the Las Vegas area for the past four years. He has instructed others in the art of breathing and moving at various yoga studios, as well as five-star resort hotels. Tristan is currently pursuing a career in aerial acrobatics. He enjoys bodyweight movements, kettlebell swings, and noodles.

Certifications & Seminars

  • 400+ hours of Ashtanga
  • Yoga Apprenticeship Program
  • NASM Personal Training Certification
  • Pink Headband Jazzercise

Front Lever: 6 seconds
Back Lever: 3 Seconds
V-Sit: 15 seconds
Rollup: 6
Front to Back Meathook: Spinning
Helen: 11:58
Fight Gone Bad: Dead
1 mile Saunter: 12:53