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Thursday, August 18th, 2016


Thursday, August 18th, 2016

21- 15- 9  Back Squat  
400m Run


A few Friendly Reminders to help CFLV be the best gym it can be!:

—  Please put anything you use back in it’s proper place.  There are lots of things being left out or put away sloppily.  Please be considerate of the gym, the equipment and your fellow members!

 Signing in is mandatory.  Please do not forget.  It’s how we track attendance for classes and make sure memberships are up to date.  It critical for running our business properly, especially as the gym continues to grow!  
There have been way more people in classes than there have been sign-ups every day this week.  
It is a permanent standard at CFLV, so please get in the habit of doing it Before class.

—   As always, please let us know if you need anything!  If  you do need to get in touch with us, especially membership related issues, please e-mail us and do not use social media messages.  
Brendan –  [email protected]
Allison – [email protected]

Thank you!!  

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