Thursday, August 25th, 2016


Thursday, August 25th, 2016

Front Squat
5 x 5 @ 80-85% 

AMRAP in 10 Minutes:
10 Barbell Front Lunges  95/135
4-3-2-1 Pull-Up/Toes to Bar

*  Lunges = Lunges are done in place.
**  4 Pull-Ups Straight into 4 Toes to Bar… Straight into 3 Pull-Ups.. and so on.  
If you are doing Kipping Pull-Ups, try not to hop off the bar, transitioning from Pull-Up to Toes to Bar seamlessly.  

There needs to be a bigger effort to clean up after workouts.  We are STILL finding countless water bottles left in the gym.  That’s the same thing as leaving trash on our floors for us to clean up.

Please, please, please put everything that you use away, neatly And in it’s proper place..  

There will be a 5 BURPEE Penalty for each  Water Bottle or Rubber Band we find left out and for each person in the class that didn’t sign in!
EVERYONE in the next class will have to do the burpees!  😀
Hopefully that will help nip this in the bud!  

Thank you!!

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