Tuesday, August 30th, 2016


Tuesday, August 30th, 2016

Loni competed at Femme Royale last weekend.
She is one strong, fit, capable Mama!
They took 3rd in the Fun Division!

Loni, Jason and their sweet little babies are leaving us soon for new adventures in NYC… so enjoy them while they’re here!!


AMRAP in 12 Minutes:
250m Row
25 Push-Ups

Our very own Andrew entered a contest at Findlay North Volkswagen for the best decorated classroom. Please cast your votes for my classroom! Its located on page two, the sixth entry entitles “Dream Big”

Please take a minute to vote for his beautiful, colorful classroom HERE!!!

Post Weights and Scores to Comments …

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  1. Angela

    Uff after a week off, it was a great workout day.. Deadlift 175 / 3 rounds conditioning +250.
    Adam.. I won’t be in tomorrow, I have a DMV appointment at 1045. See you Thursday ?

  2. Paige S

    Today was a great day cause I Rx from my normal weight on deadlifts.
    Deadlifts: first set was 55lbs, second set was 69 1/2lbs, third set was 85lbs, fourth set was 105lbs, and the fifth set was 115lbs.
    On the AMRAP in 12 minutes: it was a 250m row and 25 push ups. I did 3 rounds + 8 push ups.

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