Wednesday, October 19th


Wednesday, October 19th

dsc_0737This Kid is my main man these days. Not only is his training completely on point to become a champion weightlifter, I see total promise in him becoming a star coach.  We are so fortunate to have EZ training hard at CFLV full time.  Give him your support as much as you can.  The amount of work he puts in to achieving greatness is incredible and requires the love from those around him to never let up on his journey.

Workout Of The Day

Push-Press 115/75
Knees to Elbows

*After “DT” this won’t be easy.  We are trying to build work capacity to so stimulating your system with similar stressors is how you do it.  That being said, push the tempo appropriately and find that balance between intensity and technique to maximize your efforts and keep you going strong.

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