Wednesday, October 5th


Wednesday, October 5th

Workout Of The Day

5 Rounds for time Of
12 DB Snatches L
12 DB Snatches R
21 KBS 24/16
1 Deadlift 405/275

*Use the heaviest DB you can manage for the snatches
*If you need to reduce the reps for the snatches you can opt for 10,8 or 6 reps.
This reduction is good if the movement is new to you, or if you are wanting to play with a heavier weight.

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  1. Farrah

    This workout definitely needs a female name associated with it…because it was a bitch! LOL!

    5 lb DB Snatch (need to get my form down)
    35lb KBS
    #243 DL (PR for me)
    Total time 22:50

  2. Jeff B


    DB snatch @ 25#
    Kbs @ 24kg
    DL @ 365

    Got the 405 DL for warm up but got to the DL on round one, attempted twice and failed so dropped to 365.

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